2022 Wu Tsai Performance Undergraduate Scholars

(Back row, left to right)

  • Rachel Grant, Mechanical Engineering ’24 | Mentor: Andrea Kussman, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Biomechanics of rowing on the water
  • Nolan Evers, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Seth Sherman, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Orthobiologic injections in NCAA division 1 athletes
  • Jason Kaul, Psychology ’23 | Mentor: Alia Crum, Psychology
    The role of mindsets in health, well-being and burnout among elite college students
  • William Pan, Mechanical Engineering ’25 | Mentor: Joseph DeSimone, Chemical Engineering
    Kinesthetic latticed programmable (KLaP) tape for treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Brielle Smith, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Allan Reiss, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    Investigating the effects of aerobic exercise on working memory and brain activity in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Brian Lee, Symbolic Systems ’25 | Mentor: Karen Liu, Computer Science
    Optimizing muscle model parameters to improve joint torque-angle relations
  • Zachary Teplin, Biomechanical Engineering ’23 | Mentor: Scott Delp, Bioengineering
    Hamstring mechanics in accelerative sprinting: An experimental study
  • Christian Wright, Biology ’24 | Mentor: Kevin Shea, Orthopaedic Surgery
    3D shape modeling of anatomical variations in patellar instability patients

(Front row, left to right)

  • Katie Duong, Biomechanical Engineering ’23 | Mentor: Emily Kraus, Orthopaedic Surgery
    A closer look at bone stress injury recovery using MRI
  • Maya Shetty, Human Biology ’22 | Mentor: Scott Delp, Bioengineering
    Quantifying the impact of the menstrual cycle on athletic performance
  • Carly Smith, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Craig Heller, Biology
    Burnin’ up: Physiological responses to exercise-induced hyperthermia at constant workloads
  • Samuel Benabou, Biomedical Computation ’25 | Mentor: Scott Delp, Bioengineering
    Closed your rings?: Estimating energy expenditure with wearable technology in the real world
  • Tatum Boyd, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Emily Kraus, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Optimizing translational practices for female athlete research
  • Steven Le, Computer Science ’25 | Mentor: Khizer Khaderi, Opthalmology
    Umaki – Choose your own adventure video game & ADHD screener
  • Haley Mossmer, Product Design ’24 | Mentor: Craig Heller, Biology
    Assessing the impact of palm cooling on muscular fatigue in isometric exercise
    (not pictured)


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