Announcing the 2023 graduate and postdoctoral scholars

We are proud to announce and congratulate the 2023 cohort of Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars at Stanford. The program supports outstanding Stanford doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows engaged in human performance research by providing a collaborative and interdisciplinary community in which to conduct human performance research. They will conduct high-impact research projects with Stanford faculty mentors in the Schools of Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities & Sciences. 

Graduate Scholars

  • Siddharth Doshi, Materials Science
    • Faculty Mentors: Mark Brongersma, Nick Melosh
    • Project Title: Wireless sensing of chemical signals in vivo with implantable optical Meta-Mirrors
  • Jiaman Li, Computer Science
    • Faculty Mentors: C. Karen Liu, Jiajun Wu
    • Project Title: Capturing, analyzing, and synthesizing human motion in natural environments
  • Amanda Wiggenhorn, Chemistry
    • Faculty Mentors: Katrin Svensson, Jonathan Long
    • Project Title: A novel class of secreted mammalian peptides with the potential to mediate exercise-induced muscle hypertrophy
  • Anoosha Pai Shirvanthe, Bioengineering
    • Faculty Mentors: Akshay Chaudhari, Scott Delp
    • Project Title: Automated personalization of musculoskeletal modeling using medical imaging

Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Kyun Kyu Kim, Chemical Engineering
    • Faculty Mentor: Scott Delp, Zhenan Bao
    • Project Title: Personalized wireless E-skin device for tracking musculoskeletal health
  • Elena Monti, Microbiology and Immunology
    • Faculty Mentors: Helen Blau, Anshul Kundaje
    • Project Title: Elucidation of the molecular determinants of muscle weakness and diminished performance in human aging
  • Maria de los Dolores Moya Garzon, Pathology
    • Faculty Mentors: Jonathan Long, Steven Banik
    • Project Title: Biochemical interrogation of Keto-amino acids, a novel class of ketosis-inducible metabolites linked to energy metabolism
  • Morgan Smith, Genetics
    • Faculty Mentors: Emily Kraus, Mike Snyder
    • Project Title: Deep molecular profiling and biomarkers of RED-S in female endurance athletes

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