Innovation and Discovery Expo


We are excited to have over 30 Demos from the Stanford community. These demos represent part of the cutting edge research discoveries, tools and techniques used by the Stanford broad biosciences, engineering and medical researchers.

Changes in Bone Metabolic Activity after Exercise Measured Using 18F NaF PET-MR Imaging
Ananya Goyal | Bioengineering, Radiology
Interactive control of a virtual prosthetic arm
Shivani Guptasarma | Mechanical Engineering
An fNIRS platform for precision mental health
Ali Rahimpour Jounghani | Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Simulating Muscle-Level Energetic Cost Savings When Humans Run With a Passive Assistive Device
Jon Stingel | Mechanical Engineering
Drug counterfeits – the trace elemental fingerprint in drugs
Else Holmfred | Earth and Planetary Sciences
Balancing Act: Exploring the Interplay of Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Menstrual Cycles on Neuromuscular Performance in Women
Lara Weed | Bioengineering
Stability retraining to improve the address posture and wrist consistency in golf putting
Sung Eun Kim | Orthopaedic Surgery
The Human Performance Playbook
Johanna O’Day | Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance
MoTrPAC Data Hub Hands-on
Jimmy Zhen | Cardiovascular Medicine
3D Bioprinting of Vascular Networks
Lucia Brunel, Betty Cai, David Kilian | Materials Science
Advanced Polymer 3D Fabrication Methods
Maria T Dulay | Chemical Engineering, Radiology 
Quantifying the Effect of Visual Impairments on Daily Activities in Virtual, Interactive Environments
Ruohan Zhang | Computer Science
Pressure-controlled capillary blood-flow
Marcus Forst | Applied Physics
Travel inside RNA – virtual reality
Rachael Kretsch, Michael Schmidt| Biophysics, SLAC
Rapid Manipulation of Core Body Temperature
Craig Heller | Biology
Hydrogen Peroxide formation from water incubated with partially oxidized porous silicon particles
Yangjie Li | Chemistry
Revolutionizing Histology: Non-Invasive Virtual Biopsy Using OCT-Guided Neural Networks
Yonatan Winetraub | Structural Biology
Smarting the smartphone for scientific research
Ayelet Voskoboynik | Biology, ISCBRM
Phillip Kyriakakis | Bioengineering
Detecting Muscle Forces in Nordic Hamstring Exercises
Kristen Steudel | Mechanical Engineering
OpenCap Demo
Hannah Heigold, Kirsten Szalapski | Bioengineering
Magnet-assisted Spatially Patterned Organoid Transfer for Assembloid Fabrication
Michelle Huang | Chemical Engineering, ChEM-H
Injectable protein-based hydrogels for drug delivery
Narelli de Paiva Narciso | Materials Science and Engineering
Modeling Human Motion and Human-Object Interaction
Jiaman Li| Computer Science
Sensorized Additively Manufactured Helmet Lining for Impact Monitoring
Arielle Berman | Chemical Engineering
VR point cloud visualization for motor systems neuroscience
Michael Silvernagel | Electrical Engineering
A wearable system to monitor multi-modal mental health biomarkers for optimized human performance
Jaeho Park, Chuanzhen Zhao, Zhenan Bao | Chemical Engineering
MetaMirrors: Illuminating our chemical state
Siddharth Doshi| Materials Science
Biofabrication of anisotropic microgels for tissue engineering
Hung Pang Lee| Orthopedic Surgery
OmicsPipelines: A cloud-native desktop and web application for launching Cromwell-based proteomics and genomics pipelines
Mihir Samdarshi | Cardiovascular Medicine
Multi-Omic Data in a Clinical Trial of Exercise: Lessons and Insights
Daniel Katz | Cardiovascular Medicine
An On-Site Machine Learning Assessment Tool Using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) As a Novel Biomarker for Concussion Diagnosis
Naryeong Kim, Sagarika Samavedi | Biology
Open source bio-instrumentation engine: building and deployment of microscopy based open-source bio-instrumentation at scale
Manu Prakash | Bioengineering, Biology, Oceans


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