2023 Wu Tsai Performance Undergraduate Scholars

12 undergraduate scholars smiling together outdoors

(Back row, left to right)

  • Uchenna Akanno, Human Biology ’25 | Mentor: Jon Long, Pathology
    Determining the Transporter of Exercise-Inducible Lac-Phe
  • Sam Ogunsanya, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Malene Lindholm, Cardiovascular Medicine
    Salivary Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number as a measure of VO2max in Athletes
  • Nadia Hemmat, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Emily Kraus, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Understanding Collegiate Female Athletes’ Perceptions Surrounding their Menstrual Cycle and Menstruation Education in Sport
  • Sydney Barta, Bioengineering & Human Biology ’26 | Mentor: Seth Sherman, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Smartphone Based Kinematic Analysis for Rehabilitation and Return to Sport Assessment
  • Annabelle Smith, Biology ’24 | Mentor: Lou Halamek, Pediatrics
    Self-regulating Physiologic Response and Intensity in Navigating Time-sensitive Situations (SPRINTS)
  • Maya Valmon, Human Biology ’25 | Mentor: Matthew Wheeler, Cardiovascular Medicine
    Impact of Acute Exercise Interventions on Quality of Life in Sedentary Adults

(Front row, left to right)

  • Anjana Balachandar, Undeclared ’26 | Mentor: Peter Yang, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Optimization of Biocompatibility in the Novel Hybprinter
  • Evelyn Song, Psychology & Computer Science ’26 | Mentor: Leanne Williams, Psychiatry
    Neural Circuit in Depressed Patients Predicts Treatment Response
  • Julia Flora, Human Biology ’24 | Mentor: Michael Snyder, Genomics
    Exercise Dependence in Female Endurance Athletes at Risk for Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
  • Maya Doms, Human Biology ’23 | Mentor: Emily Kraus, Orthopaedic Surgery
    Feasibility of Using Wearables in a Return-to-Play Protocol Post Bone Stress Injury
  • Olivia Geoghan, Human Biology ’24 | Mentor: Craig Heller, Biology
    Effect of Hypoxia on Lactate Production and Recovery
  • Jimena Gutierrez, Human Biology ’24 | Mentor: Scott Delp, Bioengineering
    Initiating StaBLE Study Stanford Balance Level Evaluation
  • Imogen Gardiner, Symbolic Systems  ’25 | Mentor: Malene Lindholm, Cardiovascular Medicine
    Redefining The Essential 8 using a VO2 Max Interface
    (not pictured)
  • Luke McFarland, Bioengineering ’25 | Mentor: Scott Delp, Bioengineering
    MRI Segmentation For OpenSim Muscle Path Adaptation
    (not pictured)

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